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Rebeccah Moore/ Owner & Mother Of Four

When the opportunity arose to become the new owner of Matraea Birth shop. I had many reasons to be excited. The thought of being connected to the Matraea family warmed my heart in many ways. As a mother of four , I've birthed all four of my children with loving midwives and each experience has been incredibly empowering and beautiful . Matraea carries some of my most special memories and I've been a loyal customer for years . I have personally experienced the support of the Matraea centre, products and midwives and sharing in what I so strongly believe in is a dream come true. Matraea Baby Boutique will continue to be a warm hug for mom, baby and family where we focus on providing products that are safe, pure and infused with love from one mommy to the next .

Pure , Honest, Natural Products

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Matraea  Natural Products For Birth, Mama and Baby